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Personal injury attorneys in Florida, as well as other attorneys, should provide you with answers to important questions. The following are frequently asked questions answered by the firm. Before hiring a personal injury attorney you should consider some of the following questions:

Do you focus in any area of law?
The firm accepts most personal injury cases like those involving accidents, burns, paralysis, fractures, surgery, scarring, permanent injury, disability, disfigurement and wrongful death.

Do I need a Florida personal injury attorney, can’t I read “How to handle a personal injury claim” saving costs and personal injury attorneys’ fee?
“How to handle a personal injury claim” and do-it-yourself law school will not payoff. Insurance companies love do-it-yourself personal injury claimants who do not have expertise, know how to claim values, take cases to trial, and understand critical issues such as subrogation and releases. In fact, some insurers may even send “Do I need a lawyer?” pamphlets or “Customer Service Pledges” because, those represented by personal injury attorneys settle claims for 2.5-3.5 times more than those who do not have attorneys. Moreover, due to Florida subrogation laws, your net recovery is likely to be even greater with a Florida personal injury attorney.

What type of matters have you handled professionally in the past?
100% plaintiffs-side personal injury cases and wrongful death lawsuits.

Do you ever work for insurance companies or defend corporations?

Is there a fee or charge for my first consultation?
No. Initial conversations and consultations are free with no obligation or cost whatsoever for Personal Injury cases.

How do you charge?
The firm nearly always works on a contingent fee.

What is a contingent fee and what do you charge?
Personal injury attorneys in Florida frequently use a contingent fee under which the firm only gets paid if you receive a recovery. The fee charged is a one-third fee unless the matter is highly complex or involves products liability or malpractice. Personal injury attorneys in Florida have medical malpractice fees governed by Florida law.

Are there any other costs or expenses involved with this type of case?
Yes. Typically, the primary expenses associated with a personal injury case or claim are litigation costs, fees for medical reports and records and charges made by experts. The firm pays these expenses up front and you agree to repay such expenses with the proceeds of your recovery. It is important to note that some personal injury attorneys in Florida make you pay costs as such expenses are incurred, which may be costly to you.

Do you use a written fee agreement confirming employment?

Have you ever been admonished or cited by a Bar Association or Court for ethics violations?

Have you ever been sued for malpractice or have any malpractice claims, formal or informal, been brought against you?

Have you ever lost your license or been suspended?

Do you receive referrals from other attorneys?
Yes. Numerous Florida attorneys refer plaintiffs’ personal injury cases to the firm.

Are you licensed in any other state or have you ever been?
No. The firm is admitted to practice in Florida but personal injury attorneys in Florida may practice in other states on temporary or pro hac vice basis.

Do you have any references?
Yes. Ask and we will provide you the names of attorneys, lawyers, and/or clients we have worked with in the past in personal injury and wrongful death cases.

Do you refer work to other attorneys in other areas of the law?
Yes. Since the firm’s focus is limited, we often refer past, future and potential clients to other attorneys in Florida who focus in the area of their needs. For example, the firm frequently refers cases to Florida workers compensation lawyers and Florida probate attorneys for wills, estates & trusts.

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